What is ARive?

ARive – The Augmented Reality interactive Visualization Engine – is a new, free, and intuitive Augmented Reality software.

Using any webcamerea it can display a 3D model in its proper scale inserted into a physical environment.

The only requirements are:

  • a normal windows-computer
  • a simple webcamera
  • a paper ‘marker’ for the camera to recognize and position the model onto.

ARive aims at makeing it easy for anyone; designers, artists and architects to visualize their projects in a new and contextual way without any prior knowledge of AR or high technical insight.

What it does:

How it works:

ARive is running on the computer above, which has a webcamera conected to it.

When the camera sees and registers the “marker”, it places a 3D model on it in realtime.

-The model can be animated, textured, interactive and more.

This is not new, however there are few or no existing graphical user interfaces (GUI’s) that makes this easy for laymen to set up.

The result, as seen on the user’s computer:

ARive is a simple application based on ARtoolkit, OpenSceneGraph and osgART, and will be released as open source. -Allowing anyone with a webcamera and some 3D-modelling skills to start playing immediately with what has previously been described as play and explore what AR can do, with high quality rendering and performance.

What does it look like?

ARive is a sazzy-lookin’ windows program that is easy to use. Here is a screenshot:

What does it cost?

Its free! Download it here!

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