Outdoor testing

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Outdoor testing:


Here is a short AR improvisation:
The ease of using ARive made it possible for me and my girlfriend Sølvi (of Hvitsnippforlaget) to drink a bottle of wine. After doing so, Sølvi had the great idea of augmenting a Norwegian national gown. Why? I do not know. But we made the whole thing (including video-editing and publishing) in 30mins.

Progress for the people!

Advanced Geometry:


Testing my AR-setup, using ARTOOLKIT, OpenSceneGraph and osgART.

Better graphics, better tracking using new markers, better music.

This is an extension of Virtual Spaces, but perhaps even more traditional AR-use:

High-def models of design-furniture, are linked to a marker, that can be placed in an appartment.

An easy and intuitive way of seeing how refurnishing you place could turn out. Move the marker-move the furniture.

I will cooperate with my brother-in-law Pål Lunder of fjordfiesta furniture to display some pieces of the Scandia-chairs (by Hans Bratterud).

This is a beautiful example of Scandinavian design, and I’ve already done the 3d work for the Scandia Junior chair.

Model of Scandia Junior:


The GUI is coming along fine, with lots of great input from my Visual Communication teachers, and not to forget, my invaluable friend Ove Sveumshagen (IT Advisory Specialist) who worked out how to fix my string-to-terminal problems. Cheers! Next round is on me!

Anyways, here is some test-footage of Virtual Furniture:

Content Featuring:

  • Model of Scandia Junior exported directly from 3DMax9
  • Point-Grey camera in action, 640×480 15FPS (far from optimal)
  • 50.000 poly’s (this is overkill, to test out general performance)
  • 2.4 MB total worth of textures
  • Texture baking
  • Environment maps (simulated reflections on the base of the chair)
  • Shadow mapping (opacity map from baked texture)
  • 60 FPS rendering (not visible, video recorded at 15FPS)

Bad stuff:

  • Model (and whole video) appears a lot wider than it should, due to my ineptitude at video capture.
  • Textures are a bit over-exposed, due to me forgetting to normalize the maps before baking them.
  • Environment map not really looking any good. -Still experimenting…

Also thanks to Prof. Høgset for tipping me about the FLV-embedder for wordpress.

Phake Physics:

To my friend Kjetil at www.ka-d.net

Thank you for the invaluable support on ARive!

-Kjetil encouraged me to implement the ODE-physics motor in ARive. I’ll never get around to this before the semester ends, however, ARive supports direct export from MAX of simulations made with the Havoc engine.

This is a late-night quikie especially for you!

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