Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology whereby digital content, is added to a physical environment, augmenting what we percieve as ‘real’ with a new layer of perceptible information.

AR is defined by Ronald Azuma as:

  • combines real and virtual,
  • is interactive in real-time,
  • is registered in three dimensions.

By using i.e webcamera, one can film a physical environement, and have a 3D model inserted into the scene, making it appear as if it was really there.

-All in real-time.

The model can be walked around, approached and moved away from, always staying in its place.

This technology is not new, however it has until now been both very difficult to use, and very expensive for commercial software. -Mainly utillized in fields of technological research and the movie industry.

An example of Augmented Reality using ARive:

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